Weed Identification – Identify 21 Common Weeds in Lawn | weed | Tổng hợp những chuyện lạ hay nhất

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Weed Identification – Identify 21 Common Weeds in Lawn | Tổng hợp những câu chuyện lạ dành cho bạn.

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weed và các Chia sẻ liên quan đến từ khoá.

Xác định cỏ dại là một bước quan trọng để kiểm soát cỏ dại. Tôi dạy bạn xác định 21 loại cỏ phổ biến trong bãi cỏ bao gồm cỏ cua, cỏ tranh, ngưu tất, …

Weed Identification – Identify 21 Common Weeds in Lawn và các hình ảnh liên quan đến đề tài này.

Weed Identification - Identify 21 Common Weeds in Lawn
Weed Identification – Identify 21 Common Weeds in Lawn

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Weed Identification – Identify 21 Common Weeds in Lawn.


50 thoughts on “Weed Identification – Identify 21 Common Weeds in Lawn | weed | Tổng hợp những chuyện lạ hay nhất”

  1. I have to echo another person's comment, Your ability to ID these plants by sight is Amazing! The best I've seen on YouTube.

  2. THANKS!!! I just really like your video. Even though I'm in Michigan, you really showed a lot that grows here too.
    THE BEST PART??? You got straight to the point. Some of these lawn videos are so boring because the guy will go into detail for ever and ever about nothing I need to know and they really don't help. I'm subbing your channel!!!

  3. Unfortunately my yard is all weeds. I’ve made it my goal this year to kill all the weeds so I can have nice thick grass. I’m hoping to reseed this Fall. I’ve been able to get rid of the white clovers and dandelions. Now I have to kill the crabgrass, dalligrass, goosegrass, and quackgrass. What do you recommend to get rid of these? I’m located in NC. I realized that I may not be able to reseed this Fall.

  4. How about switching to encourage meadow species & solve the problem that way? Beautiful flowers, wonderful for wildlife, only needs mowing 2or 3 times a year. Why grass, anyway?

  5. Jason, have really enjoyed your videos. I have either Nut sedge or Kyllinga. Do both have little burr like seed heads? I wanted to send a photo, but can't get your email or contact us to open on your web page. Thanks for the help.

  6. Given the current threats to pollinators, which we need for about 30% of our crops, will you be doing any posts about native plants that support pollinators…?

  7. Thank you. The yellow nutsedge was what I was looking to identify. Looks like my blue st augustine grass but sprouts from one centerpoint and grows faster than my grass so able to spot them. Glad they are so easy to pull.

  8. I have something here that always shows up and cover my whole garden, it's dark green and has violet flowers purple? I clean and they come back so soon, where they are coming from.

  9. Where are you from in Alabama? I'm in spanish fort. I got a st augustine lawn with some centipede mixed in and I got most of those weeds you're talking about and they all suck 😪 lol

  10. Our neighborhood has been overrun recently with hairy bittercress. I think someone's landscaper brought it in on their equipment as we never saw it up until a few years ago. If you touch the seedhead, the plant shoots seeds over a foot away.
    Plenty of nutsedge here on Long Island NY. It's a triple threat; spreads by seed, runner and nuts. I just keep pulling it to keep it in check. I've also declared war on wild onion (garlic?). I always thought what I was seeing was crabgrass but now you have me wondering if it's goose or dallas.


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