Jikook Bulletin | Jungkook's My time is about his lover | Jimin tends to ignore Jungkook on Camera | ý nghĩa bài hát the sound of silence | Thông tin hữu ích nhất về cuộc sống

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Jikook Bulletin | Jungkook's My time is about his lover | Jimin tends to ignore Jungkook on Camera | Thông tin về cuộc sống hữu ích dành cho bạn.

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Bản tin Jikook | Jungkook’s My time là về người yêu của anh ấy | Jimin phớt lờ Jungkook trên Camera Đây là nền tảng để mình trả lời các câu hỏi liên quan đến Jikook, chia sẻ suy nghĩ của người khác với các bạn có điều gì muốn nói, đây chỉ là video thảo luận nên các bạn có ý kiến ​​riêng. Ghé thăm tài khoản tumblr của tôi: Và HỎI hoặc gửi ĐĂNG KÝ Hướng dẫn cách tham gia Bản tin Jikook: BG track: T3 () First Love Lofi Donate? (Tham gia kênh này để nhận các đặc quyền:.

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Jikook Bulletin | Jungkook's My time is about his lover | Jimin tends to ignore Jungkook on Camera và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chủ đề này.

Jikook Bulletin | Jungkook's My time is about his lover | Jimin tends to ignore Jungkook on Camera
Jikook Bulletin | Jungkook's My time is about his lover | Jimin tends to ignore Jungkook on Camera

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Jikook Bulletin | Jungkook's My time is about his lover | Jimin tends to ignore Jungkook on Camera.

ý nghĩa bài hát the sound of silence.

47 thoughts on “Jikook Bulletin | Jungkook's My time is about his lover | Jimin tends to ignore Jungkook on Camera | ý nghĩa bài hát the sound of silence | Thông tin hữu ích nhất về cuộc sống”

  1. Hi SIS. Thanks for the video. I've just read seen and read it. You do a great job.
    The only thing I would like to say. I have never in my life set such a perfect couple (hopefully) as Jikook in all aspects both professional and personal. I've never in my life had such a gut feeling that their relations and bonds are somehow beyond our comprehension.
    In my age, I consider them as a beautiful children who give me a butterflies in the stomach and sometimes sudden anxiety for them.
    My explanation is very chaotic as well as my feellings. Sorry.

  2. Maybe their management told them to "cool things off" a bit. But the photo of them during the butter release, where JM is right up against JK's cheek, is very intimate. Almost like saying in a subtle way", this is my man". I love them together 100%.

  3. Songs are stories written in lyric form. There can be many layers of intent in the poetry of music. That is why we often feel the emotions we do when hearing a specific song. It is a special gift to weave love, loss, and hope into a 3 minute song. It is a testament of living….we all can feel something in that. Lovely young man with a lovely soul. Nice song JK. Thanks.

  4. Oh, I asked about the protest. I though it would be interesting if korean non shippers though that JiKook were beyond fanservice and looked like a real couple. Of course the hate/homophobic part would still be horrible, but it would give us insight in how non-shipper koreans understand their bond.

    But I understand now it wasn’t that big and it came from mostly other shippers, who are also biased in the sense that they see possible couple behaviour where non shippers wouldn’t see it.

    Unfortunately many shippers are disrespectful and overly delusional (including Jikookers, I’ve seen some badmouth Tae for doing (nothing bad at all) what they though was him disrupting Jikook on carpool karaoke).

    Once again, thank you for you good, sober content! I will keep on supporting the seven of them!

  5. Jikook sipre han sido como son y jikook siempre se han llevado bien y juntos son felices, su amor siempre asido así y sincero…🥰🥰🥰🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱💜💜💜🐰💛💙🐥💜💜💜

  6. Great job as usual. I agree with you that My Time is probably about many people, but I also think it’s about Jimin. I think that the chorus has a double meaning…. one way for others, as in a literal sense and another for Jimin/lover. I think it means that he can’t call him (his lover) that in public, can’t hold them like he wants, or touch him like he wants publicly. I also believe that one of the reasons why Jikook seem to be shown more frequently this past year is because they renewed their contracts and probably put in some sort of stipulations. Something along the lines of, ‘as long as we don’t out ourselves w/o permission, you let us do what we want w/i reason.’ Which to me explains why we have so much Jikook content in a lot of their videos, and especially why the Rose bowl clip was included in the memories dvd. 😉🙃

  7. My Time of course is about JK's journey. Some of the lyrics are very apparent about how he grew up fast and didn't get to enjoy the normal life of a teenager like his friend. But I personally felt the "you" he refers to is his former self. It's a classic BTS songwriting technique where the 1st chorus is negative (can't touch, can't call) while the last chorus becomes positive. Although he can't go back in time even if he wants to but still somewhere by the end he makes peace with the fact that he is who he is because of the journey he went through (happy to have met you). Every time he went through was his time but as different people/personalities

  8. I think the/one "e-mail protest against Jikook" happened after the LYSY finale concerts in Seoul. As much as Jikookers got "fed" those days some fans thought they should tone down on the "gayness" on stage

  9. I disagree with you on the "beef gift". I apologize beforehand. Why do we forget that there are honorifics in Korea? When you are a couple, the partner or the older one of the couple will receive the gift for the younger partner. JK loved the fact that Jimin was accepting it for him as he applauded him. Then Tae jumps in front of JK, WTH was that? The only thing that JK and Jimin could do was fake smile about it since it was filmed live. A lot of ARMY was angered by that move. When you receive a gift in Korea… that is known as an honor.

    As far as the song My Time, The first couple of lines is about himself. I also believe that other members helped him write a few of the other lines. They sometimes collaborate when helping each other out. I feel that those other lines are how he feels about he has to hide the way he feels for Jimin because he always mentions that Jimin has always been there for him. Jimin has been there at the beginning of his debut. Also, Korea, HYBE, and ARMY think Jimin is the moon and he is the sun. He can call his parents anytime he wants… It seems that all of us are hiding and in denial of the real facts because he can't show how he feels about Jimin or anyone for that matter in the public view truly because of the laws in South Korea and the rules that are in his contract of HYBE. Jikooker Shippers are afraid to call what it is because they also want to protect BTS! I'm like Jimin… I hate lying… it makes you feel like crap. If you ask Jimin for the truth, he will not walk around it or lie about it. He has given some ARMY's straight-up answer in his own way by putting on some glasses or a picture to confirm it. He has said many times over that he loves JK and also says that he was with JK many times over. What more do people want to confirm it! Wait till the laws in South Korea change.

  10. Pela minha experiência de vida eu presto muita atenção aos detalhes sei lá eu vejo os jikook como real pois amigos não chupam orelhas de amigos nem escala montanhas para pegar bloco de neve para amigo por mais afeição que tenha . Mas sim quando se ama e admira alguém um parceiro . O jungkook disse que tiraria os sapatos e a jaqueta para uma garota e tem vídeo dele dando uma jaqueta para o jimim colocar então mas se for só amigos tudo bem

  11. This is a bit unfair on my part, but having watched the interview from MAMA with BTS on their first love experiences, Jungkook admitted dating someone for 2 years at age 18, & being encouraged by the other members in this relationship, but that “sadly we had to end it”. I think that is who My Time is primarily addressing. I still appreciate the Jikook bond, & believe it is very deep & unique to them, but I don’t think My Time has anything to do with Jimin. This is not a criticism in any way of your analyses, just my different opinion based on this recent interview. I believe Jungkook to be very honest & heartfelt in what he does share with Armys. The abruptness with which Jungkook’s interview ended makes me feel like he has still not closed the door completely on that relationship, & I just don’t think it involves Jimin…

  12. You are great 👍……you are a person who knows how to get to the depth of anything …..I guess you can be a good researcher 🙂🙂💜💜💜💜

  13. 4:59 Definitely! The way Jimin showered jungkook with so much affection, love and attention since the very beginning is enough to fill the hearts of every ARMY on earth(if you get what I'm saying, basically its A LOT)💜

  14. I've seen some comments saying that JK said in an interview it was about him and his past and all that, and that could totally be true but also if it is about a special someone he couldn't really say that could he? It would be admitting he had a special someone.

  15. I appreciate JM and JK's bond very much, and they make everything look so good together. JM makes JK smiles, and JK makes JM smiles. Both are so happy when they're together. Please don't separate them (sub-unit). In dancing, I love to watch the 3Js while in games, I enjoy very much the 3Js too being JM, JK and Jin. Their chemistry is unstoppable. By the way SIS, I enjoy your objective analysis and would like to thank you for your hard and good work.

  16. I can’t find the live video commentary where RM is asking JK what was different about BV S1 And S2 where JK seems flustered to answer and Jimin’s closeness to him seems to increase his blushing. Have ready speculation about Hawaii trip and what may have happened or not. And did JK asleep out by the pool after he sang “There’s nothing like us-“ instead of in the room that he was to share with Jimin. Just curious what was said. I’ve only seen a image capture. Seems as if members are implying to JK that something dramatic happened to JK in Hawaii. Just wondering how this fits into Jikook thoughts for “My Time” as Jimin implied in a few Vlives that “he was good at playing games a year ago-“ (2016) and the Eat Jin live where Jimin talks to the camera saying JK is different now. “What happened? I take it from you?” And the Vlives mentioned where JK could be in Jimins room along with Vs Vlive where JK hollered he wasn’t dressed and the awkward exchange until V leaves room and he then hears loud voices after door Slammed abruptly and ends his Vlive. I’ve also wondered about the video where JK says there’s another thing- he looks back at RM who says “go ahead, I’ll let you say it” as Jimin gets all giggly next to him and JK looks to Jin who says “Are you…” then JK looks back to the camera about to burst with what he wants to say and then responds “wait for it”. That paired with the 5th Muster “Do you know what this ring means?” On his pinky from Jimin As he explains “it’s something precious that can’t be touched without permission”. And another Eat
    Jin where the 3 are waiting for steak and food to be delivered and Jk and JM both seem as though they want to say something to Bang Sy-Hyuk privately as Jin urges them to say something. Have any of those questions ever been answered or referred to again? Also after the “Miracle” that JK says happened to him, Jimin wants JK to talk about during a 5th Muster. JK always says “Wait for it!” It’s these little hints but Jimin is always right there as JK is Contemplating if it’s the right time to share. It seems that Jin and Jhope know and support Jikook’s interactions the most. Like when Jimin says his favorite thing these days is waking up to see Jungkookie. Jhope is all Smiles as a few others Boo. Staged or not, Jhope’s smile is very endearing and filled with love for young men he’s watched grow in life and love. I always want to support them to n every aspect they choose to share and even those they keep private as they should be able to. Always so hopeful that they’ll be spared any criticism from antis and those with narrow views and kinds. Love is unique to each and every person and should never be faulted as it’s expressed. I guess I’m always hopeful for the day that all may proudly display their love for one another in any way they feel comfortable to from their hearts without fear or judgement.

  17. Jimin and Jungkook are always nice to each other people make up stuff about everything involving these boys they are human if they talk each other at certain time people talk if they don’t talk when filming their games people talk
    So what do you want them to Do
    Please let’s just support and love them♥️♥️♥️
    If you’re a true fan you should stop criticizing them

  18. We have the same opinion about things that JIKOOK does thanks for all the efforts made of slipping into our corruptive minds to clear doubtful thoughts and still believe 💯,% in jikook.i will be a supporter just like how hobi supports them😉. I think he is into jikook. I can see it. I think everyone knows, people that surrounds them and respects their closeness esp now coz theyre matured enuf to handle things

  19. I think Jin (my bias 💜) 😅 is one of the closest in jikook’s life, Jhope Tae Jin and jikook are confidents, you can tell of how they behave around them. Jimin Jk and Jin love to spend time together they have so much fun, but there is the other part, I don’t know how to explain it but JK and Jimin ALWAYS have take care their behavior in front of cameras, have to be careful with each other, so it becomes a little bit tiring of being careful all the time in every move you do with the other person that you love, so when you chose to focus to another person (like Jin) you don’t have to be careful at all you just have to be you because you don’t have to hide anything in front on cameras so, you chose to do that … That’s my theory of why you see jk spending more time with Jin or any other member but Jimin in front of cameras

  20. I think he is talking about his present and past self even with the happy that we met each other now till the very end meaning he is still thankful to the old jungkook and he accepts him with all the flaws and is ready to move further with his present and old self. And the I cant call ya…part is once again about how he couldnt hold onto the old jungkook how he couldn't go back in time to hold him and tell him it will be fine..Honestly I am a jikooker but this time for my time I feel like as jungkook already mentionned it is solely a song about his old self and it also goes well with the whole map of the soul concept and doesnt have anything to do with anyone else it's a song dedicated to himself.

  21. About Hope's Vlive I don't know if someone was in the room or even if was or not JK, but I'm sure about some things
    -Jimin was all dressed up and with make up (Damm he was so beautiful 😭💔) so I think he was ready for a date, this wasn't a look of someone who was eating by himself, my opinion
    -Hobi was really teasing him on the bed bc I guess he realised Jimin was ready for a date/or too well dressed to eat alone in his room/or even that someone was in Jimin's room having a date
    -Jimin was teasing armys too much that day ("you are good girls aren't you?" "I'm a big eater"while eating sausage or something like that?? I blushed just by watching it really) he was definitely on flirt mode level hard that day and I don't think this mood was just bc of army's
    -Also correct if I'm wrong but there's seems to be a plate with sushi/fish in the complementary table that he never touched (and he ate a pice of almost everything) and as far as I know Jimin doesn't like seafood that much (although he eats if Jin/Yoongi/JK prepares, but otherwise i haven't seen he eating)
    -He said himself that was a soup that he didn't like and he just ate the sec one bc this one he liked, so who orders something that you don't like knowing you don't like and also something you like ?
    So for me he was ready to have a date and J-hope just messed up with the Vlive LOL poor Jimin, but I'm sure he had his date at the end, bc he wasn't that bothered but he was figuring a way to end the Vlive fast and smooth (again I can't be sure someone was in the room, or that it was JK or even be sure he was on a date bc for whatever the reason he might be just eating alone for real who knows, but yet very suspicious)

  22. I told you. I always knew from the minute I first watched my time. Obviously the song is about Jungkook finding his time and growing up fast and being able to control and love himself throughout his idol life. But I always had a feeling that even though Jungkook was trying to find himself and understand himself more Jimin was tied into that as well becuase he’s his lover and I believe Jungkook needed to learn to love himself before he could turn his full attention towards Jimin and win his love in return.

  23. I guess in "my time" jungkook means himself. he even mentioned it in some interview. I think that also has to do with asking him what he would say to himself from the past. he mentioned that he kind of couldn't live his life because everything was happening so fast. he cannot make contact with himself from the past (call, touch) but it will happen someday…

  24. I’m sure as they all mature (age) they realize that everything they want to portray with each other cannot be filmed, or possibly BH edits what we see that excludes certain actions/reactions that the members have. Also, JK has said openly that he wants to be “more himself” which may mean he has come to terms with aspects of himself that he no longer wants to hide. JM may not be there yet. He is very concerned about how people perceive him and has endured alot of hate and shaming. Also, don’t forget Korea doesn’t favor homosexuality and then there are their families to consider. Along with the everyday pressures of being the most famous people on earth right now, I cannot even imagine how they endure living under a microscope 24/7. The fact they have doubts/worries/troubles isn’t questionable. Most people would crumble under so much. The fact they all still care for one another is a testament to their close bonds. All the members feel as though JK is their “baby”. RM has said it before: “that’s OUR boy!” So yes, JK hugs, cuddles next to ALL of them at times, but JM is different for so many reasons and on so many levels. I support them no matter what!!

  25. About my time,
    I don't think every song BTS members make ain't meant for armies.. they can make a song about their personal life as well.. and jk already made enough of songs for armies..
    Also the chorus, " can't call ", I think it doesn't mean about phn call or something.. I think he was saying like he can't call someone in public or can't interact with them freely in public.. so it can't be his family or army.. bcz he had already talked about how much he loves his family & armies.. next, " I can't hold", "I can't touch".. I believe he didn't mean this to his family or armies.. why should he want to hold or touch his family or army.. think about army, they have enough interactions with army.. I don't think he prefers more intimacy with armies lol.. it'll sound weird..I believe this was for someone very special to him.. may be his lover.. l don't know whether it's jimin or not.. until now, I didn't think "my time" is about his lover( I didn't know much about the lyrics).. but now I get the feeling that It's for his lover( I wish it's jimin 🤗)
    I think he was saying the whole time, like he grew up faster than others( same age as him).. he is struggling bcz he can't show his feelings to that someone.. but in the future he'll definitely call, hold and touch that someone in public without hiding anything.. I may wrong.. just my thoughts..

  26. "I don't think I can explain, but I always thought that Jimin was really biased when it came to Jungkook. Since the very beginning." – No truer words were ever spoken.🤣💜

  27. I love this series of yours. I do disagree a little about "My Time". The first time I heard it I thought it was about a lover (this was before I was aware of jikook). The way I interpret it is that JK is feeling like because of being an idol he doesn't get to live a regular life and that everyone else is moving at a different pace than him. Or vice versa. He isn't allowed to be with his special someone and by then end he is like screw it, I will be with you. But that is just my opinion. I really liked your take on it though and that is the wonderful thing about music, it can mean something different to everyone. Keep up the good work SIS!💜

  28. Also about the Hobi vlive for me just the amount of food gave it away. Like i know they love food but there was enough food to at least feed 3 people in there! But all in all that vlive was sus as hell!😬😬😬

  29. OMG I completely forgot I sent that question🙈I was like "Larissa J"? Sounds familiar and I screamed 😂😂😂 Thank you so much SIS for answering the question!!! Also I think it was something specific to that period as well, like as we all know things are different now and I agree your take on Jimin, he is more cautious but probably because he indeed does slip a lot as well. Again thank you 😘😘😘

  30. Ого у меня нет слов крута да точно у чигук особенный ввяз и взгляд Чонгука его глаза объясняет многое они всегда находят того человека которого душа и тела просит и хочет

  31. 💙Wow!!!!! Very nice video my dear
    💜I really really love your all videos
    💜I think You the best jikooker💙
    💜When I watch your videos I feel so good💙
    Hey dear, What's your name???
    💖I'm your big fan (girl)💖
    😘💙I love you sissy💙😘
    😍💜I purple you dear💜😍
    🇮🇳Love from India🇮🇳

  32. Yaaay… I'm not Jimin today

    Edit: As for the 'my time' analysis, I totally agree with you. But the "can't call you" part, I think he says he's not able to go public in calling the person as partner/lover. Because, if it has to be taken in literal meaning, he has phone so he can call/contact anyone. And also it includes "holding" the person, maybe it addresses his 'special person'. The reason why he can't hold them is ofc scandal.


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