How to Read a Scientific Paper | how to | Tổng hợp những chuyện lạ hay nhất

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How to Read a Scientific Paper | Tổng hợp những câu chuyện lạ dành cho bạn.

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how to và các Chia sẻ liên quan đến chủ đề.

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How to Read a Scientific Paper và các hình ảnh liên quan đến đề tài này.

How to Read a Scientific Paper
How to Read a Scientific Paper

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How to Read a Scientific Paper.

how to.

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  1. Straight from a [OFFICE HOURS] suggestion to reality. I told you it was going to perform abysmally (and it is), but thanks for watching all the same you nerds.

  2. Nice job showing life balance at the end. I built my own computer. I also built my own garden.
    My take on this? Needs follow up study, the effects of light pollution on dung beetle navigation.

  3. For most people it means reading a paper…ecept that most of them are in very expensive journals that people can't afford because they are geared for charging institutions.

  4. Buen video, creo que la muy interesante aka sacó algo igual o similar y está de kurzgesagt con explicación, tienen cierta confianza y prestigio junto otros canales, se que a futuro será mejor y esto seguirá y seguirá como los descubrimientos científicos junto más pruebas de campo con seguridad, ojalá si en un futuro las mismas reglas se estorban solas como dilbert y su badyra apareciera otro tesla u otro científico o ingeniero que llega a hacer lo correcto por la humanidad y ver la ciencia y los científicos neutrales ante situaciones de gran escala, sugerencia y obvservacion personal, por cierto sean honestos, si un día tiene algún científico crispr cas9 y descubre algo en su cuerpo para salir más barato y rendir más su dinero creo que lo hará sin pensarlo mucho y además con más intención si mejora y ayuda a su mismo trabajo como las pc al crear en la misma pc una tarjeta mejor de alguna función para luego materializar la y usarla en proceso de mejora continua, algo similar con crispr cas9 si lo llegas hacer con su cerebro y luego otros.

  5. Review papers and other papers that cover a large number of studies/papers in aggregate to discuss a certain topic are a godsend. Great starting off point and a good way to find other papers too!

  6. I love this whole video, but especially that last part. I've been online since 1993, and online consistently since '97, and over the past 24 years it seems like people forgot that Internet drama isn't actually real; you can just turn it off and it all goes away and can't affect you any more. Mean words from online strangers who you will never meet in real life are meaningless and only have as much power as you give them… and that also goes for mean words in general.
    I am a socially awkward nerd, and I have been my entire life. I used to have a very hard time dealing with people saying mean things… until I eventually realized the things they said only had any power over me because I gave it to them. Once I realized that and stopped caring about and obsessing over people's mean words everything changed for me, and I suddenly felt better about every aspect of my life. My depression and social anxiety lessened, and I was actually able to attain some degree of the "coolness" I had always sought. Because a big part of being cool is not caring what idiots think of you, and not allowing mean words the power to hurt you.
    Please don't give energy to the empty, powerless mean words. That's just what they want.


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