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Duke Ellington – Caravan | Tin tức nóng hot dành cho bạn.


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Album – The Popular Duke Ellington.

Duke Ellington – Caravan và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chuyên mục này.

Duke Ellington – Caravan

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#Duke #Ellington #Caravan.


Duke Ellington – Caravan.


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  1. This was recorded for use in The Popular Ellington, but didn't make the cut, which is why you don't see it on the album above. It was finally released in the 90's.

  2. Wife's account not her opinions but she was there we always has Norwegian Elkhounds as dogs well like dogs/wolf they always got up on hind legs and would hop and dance to the Duke

  3. Those clarinet riffs…. clarinet is truly a jazz instrument, despite what we were force fed in HS jazz ensemble. And to think I was forced to play Tenor sax for all those years!! Phooey!! **A contemptuous clarinetist ***

  4. from Philip Roth's American Pastoral:
    "…Ellington's Caravan, very exotic, veery sophisticated, Afro-Oriental rhythms, belly-dancing beat… In the Duke's very own rendition, made me feel nicely illicit even while tucked up between my mother's freshly laundered sheets. First the tom-tom opening, then winding curvaceously up out of the casbah that great smoky trombone, and then the insinuating, snake-charming flute…"

  5. おそらく、日々の泡で流れていたのは此のキャラバンだと推測している。エリントンに詳しくは無いが、A列車とか、年代順で見て出て居ない筈。此の曲で踊るのは難しい気もするんだけど。年代無視したら、イン・ア・センチメンタルがぴったりなんだけどなぁ。
    ザ・チェインスモーカーズ コールドプレイ の
    曲名は something just like this
    チャンネルは SAGA-洋楽和訳Room

  6. Just found out recently (more accurately my dad simply told me our relative was a “famous jazz musician” and not much else) that my dad’s great uncle was Juan Tizol, making him my great GREAT uncle. And he was the only Puerto Rican member of Duke Ellington’s band! Pretty neato

  7. The Popular album released in 1984 did not have Caravan on it. This recording must be from a compilation of Duke Ellington and his orchestra in the Swing Era around 1952. But thanks for the posting anyway. Love it.

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