[DRAMA 4 ] Bae Suzy – Park shin Hye and Lee min ho [FINAL] | suzy lee min ho | Tổng hợp những chuyện lạ hay nhất

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[DRAMA 4 ] Bae Suzy – Park shin Hye and Lee min ho [FINAL] | Tổng hợp những câu chuyện lạ dành cho bạn.


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suzy lee min ho và các Chia sẻ liên quan đến bài viết.

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[DRAMA 4 ] Bae Suzy – Park shin Hye and Lee min ho [FINAL] và các hình ảnh liên quan đến bài viết này.

[DRAMA 4 ] Bae Suzy - Park shin Hye and Lee min ho [FINAL]
[DRAMA 4 ] Bae Suzy – Park shin Hye and Lee min ho [FINAL]

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[DRAMA 4 ] Bae Suzy – Park shin Hye and Lee min ho [FINAL].

suzy lee min ho.

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  1. I watch Heirs over and over all becos of MINSHIN…. pls do not compare Bae sue and Park…pls 2 parallel lines that cannot meet. By the way waiting for Heirs 2. The cast lives are not over yet in Heirs 1….. producers and directors hurry up.! Before they get too old to feature again.

  2. 🎉Park shin hye the Kathryn Bernardo 😍 Simple but confidently beautiful with a heart ❤️ She's a multi-award winning artist she can dance and sing very well. Hopefully in real life, they'll be together for a lifetime 🤩🤩🤩

  3. Looks like Suzy and min ho were lovers but then min ho suffered an injury or I don't know what happened to him but he lost his memories with Suzy… But Suzy thinks that he left and forgot about her
    He then met shin hye and they started dating, he met suzy again, she recognized him but found out he has a girlfriend already,
    Suzy and minho Both are confused
    Minho has some illusions of a girl in his head, which is Suzy but he doesn't remember
    He is happy with shin hye, but then Suzy suffered an accident, she is about to die
    That's when it hits min ho and he remembers his past and his love Suzy, he ran to her.
    Shin hye was the doctor at the same hospital, she is devastated and sad, min ho makes Sure Suzy is fine but then he comes back to shin hye, he is trying to forget Suzy and focus on the present
    Suzy gives up because he has shin hye by his side, but min ho isn't really happy
    His memories with Suzy still come to him, he can't ignore it anymore
    He went to meet Suzy, they talked, argued, kissed but she shouted at him, they both are heart broken.
    Shin hye is devastated too, she thought he was over her, she cried but evantually he came to her, not happy not sad, just like that, they stayed together
    Suzy and minho saw each other again, they are acting as is they are both fine..
    After that by chance Suzy saw him smiling in the car with shin hye by his side, she runs away facing the reality that she is sad and that he is still in her heart. She is on the road crying
    Time passed, shin hye and min ho still together
    They are planning for a wedding, minho is just following shin hye lead, shin hye notices that, they both won't be happy
    She let him go, she realizes it's the best way
    Suzy at the sea alone , min ho approaches from the back
    they can now be together. Kiss

    He proposed to her, both are happy

    Shin hye is happy too, with some doctor at the hospital, maybe he had a crush on her and now is his chance..They are together

    Wooh I just made a drama of it 😂😂💔 anyway happy ending for all of them

  4. No one can replace Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, as they both have a deep chemistry between them. When Lee Min Ho performs with another actress it is not the same. Park Shin Hye is the best actress ever.

  5. You are not going to see them in a kdrama together because it was reported that they won work together I am glad and don't care who don't like it. I adore Lee Min-ho he was my k-star from Boys Over Flowers I believe this is why KOO HYE SUN left him. She was his secret girlfriend and I guess she found out about Bae Suzy and Lee Min Ho and left his ass🤔🤔🤔it is a lots secrets that is going to come out just wait and see
    USA 👍

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